About teralab

TeraLab (for TeraHertz Laboratory at Montpellier) is a Scientific partnership between the Laboratoire Charles Coulomb (UMR 5221) and the Institut d’Electronique du Sud (UMR 5214) on the TerHertz domain.   It unites the skills and resources to implement a research program, it formalize a collaboration to benefit from additional funding, and it helps the CNRS – Universite Montpellier 2 to become a center of excellence in a highly competitive field for basic science and technology will bring many a great potential applications.

The TeraLab purpose is:
1. to develop new scientific and technological activities particularly in the exploratory aspects of THz components and systems using these components,
2. promote the host of researchers, postdocs and PhD students, french and foreign,
3. to provide a showcase for France’s research in this area
4. encourage the transfer of skills, technologies and applications to businesses.